Nicer look of my website

My website is nicer now :)

I try to keep updating my personal apps and games every now and then and this time I made my website a bit nicer, more interactive and more modern 🙂

I improved 4 things:

1. Nicer top menu

Previously, the top menu didn’t look like an important part of the page. The contrast between the colours wasn’t right.

After a change, you can clearly see a hierarchy of the website, that a top menu is something important and worth attention.

2. Refreshed About me section.

This section used to have a sad, dark background image (taken from some non-royalty free website so I had to put a copyrights info in a footer) and a text in a small box centered horizontally.

I got rid of that dark background, text takes more space horizontally now so you don’t need to scroll that much to see the rest of the website. I also added an interactive Twitter feed, you can quickly check what I post there 🙂

3. Completely re-designed Personal apps section.


This section used to have a static, small image links to the App Store or to the landing pages of my apps.

I changed it to a fully interactive, modern, horizontal slider with the nice and big images presenting my apps and games. Also I’m not including there the apps owned by the companies that I worked for, it’s only my stuff, only apps that I fully own.

4. Google Analytics events

This is a purely technical change but worth mentioning as well in my opinion. So I have a Google Analytics tracking since I published my website in 2015 but I was not measuring clicks on the buttons. It’s been added now, including social media images and Personal apps slider so I can analyse what works for you, what doesn’t and try to improve it in the future.

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