Mowyty – first A/B tested ad campaign – results

We’ve run the first A/B tested Facebook + Instagram (stories and reels) ad campaign for Mowyty and I would like to share the results.

We ran the ads using Facebook Ads Manager. We added 2 Ad sets: one driving the Android app downloads and the second one the iOS app downloads. After more or less a week, we noticed that the Ad set targeting the iOS users reaches around 21 times less users than the Android one so we decided to switch it off and investigate it later and leave only the Android one on.

The campaign’s duration was 13 days: 19th April – 2nd May 2023.

We A/B tested the following ads (I’m showing only the screenshots here, we had videos in the campaign though):

ad 1

ad 2

As a result, only ad 2 made the users download the app, there were no installs from ad 1. I think the reason might be that ad 1 had too much text, that Facebook and Instagram users didn’t want to spend time on reading that.

Stats for the users who downloaded the Mowyty app after seeing ad 1:

Gender: men (36%), women (64%).

Age: 18-24 (8%), 25-34 (40%), 35-44 (48%), 45-54 (4%).