As you may know I have a DM Table Tennis app. A few months ago an idea of excluding a Tournament sheets part of the app to a website came to my mind. So I purchased a domain and built a simple website offering the tournament sheets (in PDF files) to download for free.

There were the following sheets available:

  • 8 players – single elimination,
  • 8 players – double elimination,
  • 16 players – single elimination,
  • 16 players – double elimination,
  • 32 players – single elimination,
  • 32 players – double elimination,
  • 64 players – single elimination,
  • 64 players – double elimination,
  • 128 players – single elimination,
  • 128 players – double elimination,
  • 3 players – round-robin,
  • 4 players – round-robin,
  • 5 players – round-robin,
  • 6 players – round-robin.

Everything was fine, was up and running for some time but I analysed my spendings and I wanted to optimise them. One of the actions that I decided to take was to decrease a number of web domains that I own. I thought that the best approach will be to keep my landing pages and web products under my main domain.

My first step to slowly kill Tournament sheets project was moving it to and not to renew the domain anymore. The next planned step was to remove entirely.

I didn’t do that though. Why? I kept seeing there is still some traffic coming to that website, even without me advertising or tweeting about it so I decided to give it the second chance.

Second life for

So I’m moving back to I’m going to re-organise the website and the project’s business model. I will be offering tournament sheets on Gumroad for a small fee. I will re-build the website in the upcoming weeks and I should be able to start selling the sheets in the second half of May 2021.