Introducing Mowyty AI

It’s been 2 months since I published Mowyty on the App Store ( and Google Play ( There have been 15 updates in both app versions in total since then but I just released the biggest update so far: I added Mowyty AI – an AI driven feature that will help the users improve their reading and listening skills and at the same time they are given an opportunity to learn the interesting facts about Poland and life in Poland. 


There are 2 reasons why I decided to add an AI driven feature:

  1. Nowadays many people talk about AI and also they expect to see something related to AI in the digital products they use on a daily basis. So adding Mowyty AI is a great move from a marketing and a user acquisition perspective.
  2. Mowyty AI is available for the users who purchased a Mowyty Pro subscription so it’s making the Pro version of the app more interesting. Hopefully it will increase a number of the paying users.


I spent quite a bit of time on reading articles and watching videos about how people leverage AI in their digital products because I was struggling to find the use cases that would be fully beneficial for the users, not only attractive from a technical perspective. I didn’t want to use AI just because it’s a hot topic at the moment in our industry. Eventually I came up with a great AI use case for Mowyty.

Here is a user flow:

  1. User enters a Mowyty AI screen.
  2. AI generates a list of the topics related to Poland and life in Poland. The topics are generated in Ukrainian.
  3. AI translates all the topics from Ukrainian to Polish so we can display both versions.
  4. User chooses one of those topics.
  5. AI generates a text about the topic chosen by the user in point 4.
  6. User may read the generated text but also may choose the app to read it for them (either a full text or the particular words).


I used OpenAI API ( to build Mowyty AI.